What is the different between Performance and Talent Pathways?

(Image Source: UK Sport/ EIS Performance Pathway Team Handbook 'The Gold Book')

Short Track Speed Skating Pathway

At GB Short Track we are currently in the process of building a highly effective performance pathway in which talented skaters can learn, develop and thrive. 

We know that successful performance pathways require expert coaching, leadership, and support staff, all working towards a shared vision of identifying and confirming the right skaters, and supporting those individuals to develop within the World Class environment.

Whilst the pathway is shown as a linear route, development is an evolutionary process. This means a skater’s actual journey may differ, with opportunity, education and injury being just some of the factors that will shape an athlete’s unique path. There will be periods of transition, adjustments and stepping out of the comfort zone into the unknown. Re-evaluating this journey along the way will shape the athlete’s future and allow them to move forward with clear purpose. The most important thing is that a skater makes the most of the resources available at any given time and remembers that no one route to the top is ever the same as another.

Performance Pathway:

At GB Short Track the Performance Pathway is administrated and delivered by the World Class Programme. This includes the full time centralised performance programme based in Nottingham and the camp based Academy run out of Sheffield and in skaters own clubs. Find out more about the GB Short Track Academy and how you can apply  

Skills School: 

Skills School is new program that is being implemented by NISA and GB Short Track that helps complete the Pathway from Clubs to World Class Programme. The Skills School Program aims to develop and enhance athletes' skills and fundamentals of skating. The emphasis is on development rather than performance. The Skills School Programme is aimed at currently active club skaters aged 11 - 16y, and those that have been members of a speed skating club for at least 6 months.Find out more about Skills School

Talent Pathways:

The Short Track Speed Skating Talent Pathway in Great Britain is run by the National Ice Skating Association and comprises the 'Learn to Skate Programme' at National Ice rinks, and 9 Short Track Speed Skating clubs across the country.

Find out more about the 'Learn to Skate Programme' HERE

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