Skills School FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Skills School for?

Skills School is aimed at talented male and female skaters who are seeking the opportunity to further develop their skating skills and hopefully one day progress on towards World and Olympic Medals. The programme targets:

·        Males and Females aged 11 - 16 years who are competent skaters and have a desire to better their on ice skating skills (applicants need to be aged 11 by the time of each camp registration). If you are already a member of the GB Short Track Academy you are ineligible to apply for Skills School.

2. What does it cost?

Each day costs £25 per person per day (totaling £250 if you attend all 10 days).

3. What does my money pay for?

The fees go towards coaching costs and ice time.  The fees do not cover lunch as this will not be provided for the athletes.

4. Who will be coaching?

Our aim is to have a coaching ratio of at least 10 athletes to 1 coach.  The Skills School sessions will have multiple Level 2+ qualified coaches present along with volunteer Level 1 coaches and volunteer athletes from the GB World Class Programme and Academy.  

5. I’m interested in short track speed skating but have never done it before – can I still apply?

No – Please refer to the eligibility criteria that has been distributed to your local clubs or refer to our website for further details.  

6. How do I apply?

It’s easy! Log onto and follow the link for Apply

7. Will I be notified if my application to a Skills School day is successful?

Yes, once each Skills School sign up deadline has passed a confirmation email will be sent to those that have registered.

8. If I attend a Skills School day, what will I be expected to do?

During these Skills School days you will be expected to be available for the majority of the day (Subject to scheduling) where you will partake in on-ice, off-ice and workshop sessions covering specific topics.

9. What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring all your skating equipment, off-ice training clothing, lunch or money to purchase lunch, a water or drinks bottle.

10.  Will my parents/guardian be able to watch the Skills School days?

Yes, it is strongly encouraged that parents be around for most the day so that we can have an extra hand putting the barrier pads on and off the ice.  Also, it is strongly suggested that parents be around for the workshops, as they may be able to learn valuable information about Short Track Speed Skating and supporting younger skaters progression.

12. In participating in Skills School, will I be required to cease participation/ membership of any existing sporting organisation?

By participating in the Skills School programme, no athlete is required to relinquish membership of any other club or organisation.